About Eluxit

We believe travel is a privilege and a right, an adventure and an indulgence, a mind-expanding way to view the world not only while experiencing a new destination, but once you’re back home, too.

We also believe that high-end travel can be enjoyed for less than high-end prices. Eluxit is an online platform that allows consumers to access next-level travel experiences by purchasing travel packages listed for resale by travel agents and individuals who cannot take their planned trips, for whatever reason. Eluxit customers can now experience top-shelf destinations, sold-out art, sports and music events, and previously booked hidden treasures they only dreamed of experiencing before, at a fraction of the cost.

Eluxit provides full service with trusted, seasoned travel agents who walk customers through the process from buying to transferring booking to boarding to bringing back memories. Packages can also be expanded with the help of a dedicated Eluxit travel agent.

Eluxit was founded in 2018 by Bahar Schmidt who has worked with discerning clients in the luxury travel industry for over two decades. She saw a new way for customers to experience the next-level travel that her high-end clients were planning, but couldn’t always take. Eluxit provides a safe, secure, easy-to-navigate platform for travel resale. Schmidt also is the founder and President of VR Travel Agency in Santa Monica that focuses on the human connection in planning luxury travel.

At Eluxit, we make dream travel accessible every day.